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Designed and produced by RDK. Contact us for any authorization or collaboration. All rights reserved.


A $15 millions project. Building a multi cultural and generational centre. For more details, contact us.


Diaspora-specific e-commerce (Amazon for Diaspora: Diaspozon). For a customer, we are creating ACE Market. 

V.A.L Project

The Virtual Afro Library (VAL) project was born of the desire to preserve and promote the artistic and cultural relics of Afro-descendant communities, consigned in all possible media forms.
Phases in progress: (copyright acquisition and digitization). 
For more details, contact us.

My3BUNE app

The first application of the type. Dedicated to the effective orientation of the newcomer and the strengthening of the social fabric in a well-defined environment. This is why My3bune app can be available as a franchise for a given city. At this stage, we have developed My3bune Edmonton, Montreal in progress, with offers still open for other major cities with high migratory flows. (2019)